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Welcome to dana_delany a community dedicated to this wonderful actress best known as war nurse Colleen McMurphy on the critically aclaimed show China Beach which earned her 2 Emmy awards and now is currently working on Desperate Housewives as Katherine Mayfair.

Everyone is welcome to friend and/or join but there will be some posts just for members only you'll need to join to read those because they'll have special content!! And just members are allowed to post. You can post all you want as long as is related with Dana in any way.


1. Bash Dana and we ban you. If you want to do that, go and do it somewhere else because this is a Dana!love community and you won't fit here.

2. All spoilers must go behind a cut; there are spoiler free fans and nobody wants to spoil them but if they decide to do such thing it's because they wanted to not because someone posted spoilers without a cut.

3. Discussion about any of Dana's past, present and future projects is more than welcome! But please, behave (swearing is allowed, though) and be nice with each other. I guess none of us wants a drama going on.

4. If you want to post pictures, you can put a teaser as a thumbnail and the rest of the pics behind a cut. In the cut you can post them as they are, in the original size if they aren't big but if they are, keep on posting them with thumbs.
Recomended sites to upload pics and get the thumb links: imagevenue and imageshack.

5. Fan art/stuff is more than welcome in any shape, size, form, lenght or way!

Icons: You can post a preview of 3 icons and then a link to where we can find the rest or put it all behind a cut.

Other graphics: If you make other graphics like headers, wallpapers or blends, you can post a preview with a thumb.

Fan vids: Because what's better than explaining a character or relationship than making a video? So if you wanna post one, you can do a little description of it and then link to it (either your journal or wherever you uploaded it) or image linking to it; whatever works better for you.

Fan fics: If you're a writer or simply have crazy ideas and wanna write them down in fic form, you can post them here as long as it has on it one of all the characters Dana's played over the years. You can post the description for it and then a link to where you post it or put the fic/chapter behind a cut.

6. Credit. This is a MUST when it comes to any kind of art as nobody likes making something and then finding out someone gets all the praises for your work or it's stolen. Also, this goes for photographs as generally, to get them a not so lovely fee has to be paid.

7. Due to some issues with not members of this community and a few other things, causing trouble in here, this community besides not being only needed of membership aproval is now locked. Each time you post from now on, your posts will be locked and only the members can read them.

8. Tag your entries. If whenever you post something you think there isn't a tag for it, don't put anything and I'll take care of it. {The tag page is still in development}

9. NO EMPTY JOURNALS ARE ALLOWED.</b> I am sorry but it's a no. Neither those with only communites added nor with little activity within six months. The ONLY way to get here with a new and empty journal is because you changed it and you must notify that to us.

10. We are really tired of people stealing around here, hence the low content lately. I'm sorry but it's true, we do not work here hard so that others can come over, took it all and claim it as their own.

11. And we are seriously thinking of locking the community again, like over a year ago. It's on hold at the moment so we'll see what happens.

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